How Did Our Actions Effect The Metrics Of Interest?

The goal of all trackers is to assess how our activities, based on what we learned in an initial study, move the needle on things we’re trying to change.

There are many types of trackers, including but not limited to: population health studies to assess the effect of interventions; member/patient experience studies to see how the actions we took have affected key measures.; brand studies to assess any changes in brand image affected by our brand enhancement activities.

Step 1

We make sure that the measurement instrument is valid and reliable and is consistent across tracking waves at least in terms of key measures. Some items may be added or deleted based on changes in client information needs or market forces.

Step 2

We assure that the sampling plan is appropriate and is followed carefully starting with the initial wave and all subsequent waves of measurement. During the waves of measurement, we ensure that data collection is consistent.

Step 3

Our team of experts carefully analyze the results with an eye for sorting out those differences that may likely be the result of sampling error and those that reflect real change.


Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting.

DSS Provides Consistent And Reliable Tracking Results

As in other areas we have clients that have been tracking certain measures on a monthly or quarterly basis for the last 15 or 20 years. Our work and proven results in tracking testing have kept our clients coming back year after year, making DSS the most trusted and reliable firm in this space.

Our Teams

At DSS, we do not depend on a single leader or a few leaders but on many leaders who head different teams and work groups within the company. Every leader has extensive experience, an in-depth understanding of the areas addressed by their team and a demonstrated leadership ability.

Meet Our Teams

Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Trinity Habitat for Humanity

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The "Home" Setting Is Best

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A little stamp can make a difference

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