The Big Picture

At a high level, our Health Risk Assessment service begins by carefully measuring where people are today in terms of biometric and lifestyle measures. From there, we work with providers and health plans to provide report cards to individuals based on how they stand in all of these areas and what they can do to improve their health picture.

Step 1

Outline your needs in an RFP and we develop a plan in terms of one of our validated and reliable survey instruments.

Step 2

Evaluate our response and decide whether it meets your needs. Adjustments in the plan may be made based on feedback from you.

Step 3

We execute the plan, process the results, and prepare report cards for individuals and overall population health reports. Depending on your specific needs, we can also provide plans for improvement to caseworkers, physicians, and individual patient/members as appropriate.


Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting.

Proven Track Record with Health Risk Assessments

DSS has more than 25 years of experience with Health Risk Assessments and have successfully administered hundreds of thousands of them to health plan members and patients. Our work and proven results in HRA services have kept clients coming back year after year, making DSS the most trusted and reliable firm in this space.

Our Teams

At DSS, we do not depend on a single leader or a few leaders but on many leaders who head different teams and work groups within the company. Every leader has extensive experience, an in-depth understanding of the areas addressed by their team and a demonstrated leadership ability.

Meet Our Teams

Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Last Friday, DSS Research participated in a Habitat for Humanity event located in Southwest Fort Worth.  It was a great opportunity to share fellowship, meet other volunteers from our community, and lend a helping hand to an incredible family. Compared to our last...

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The "Home" Setting Is Best

The "Home" Setting Is Best

Background DSS Research created a “home survey” to capture the level of satisfaction of consumers receiving dialysis treatments in a home setting. After several implementations of the home survey, comparisons were made between the home survey results and the more...

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A little stamp can make a difference

A little stamp can make a difference

Background The basic fundamentals of survey research are well known.  Draw a representative random sample.  Make sure that the source file includes all eligible members, and does not systematically exclude some populations.  With a large, representative, random...

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