What is the Commercial and Medicaid CAHPS® Survey?

Each year, approximately 500 health plans report CAHPS 5.0H survey results. The surveys are designed to capture accurate and reliable information from consumers about their experiences with health care through their health plans.

What you should know about the CAHPS 5.0H survey:

  • There are four versions that can be administered to adults and children in commercial and Medicaid plans.
  • The survey consists of a core set of questions used to form composites or summaries that measure key areas of care and service.
  • Many health plans report survey results as part of HEDIS data collection.
  • NCQA uses survey results in health plan performance reports, to inform accreditation decisions and to create national benchmarks for care.
  • Health plans might also collect HEDIS survey data for internal quality improvement purposes.

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Proven Track Record in Commercial and Medicaid CAHPS®

As one of the research firms originally certified to conduct the Commercial and Medicaid CAHPS® survey, DSS has successfully completed more than a million surveys, while continuing to be recognized as one of the largest patient-satisfaction measurement firms year after year by Modern Healthcare magazine. With higher response rates, we produce lower non-response bias and more accurate measurement. Our personalized, secure web portals allow our clients to easily upload monthly files and download reports, and our clear, actionable insights allow them to always know where they stand and where they can focus improvement efforts to get better. And, everything is done in-house to control timing, quality and costs.

Our Teams

At DSS, we do not depend on a single leader or a few leaders but on many leaders who head different teams and work groups within the company. Every leader has extensive experience, an in-depth understanding of the areas addressed by their team and a demonstrated leadership ability.

Meet Our Teams

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Trinity Habitat for Humanity

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The "Home" Setting Is Best

The "Home" Setting Is Best

Background DSS Research created a “home survey” to capture the level of satisfaction of consumers receiving dialysis treatments in a home setting. After several implementations of the home survey, comparisons were made between the home survey results and the more...

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A little stamp can make a difference

A little stamp can make a difference

Background The basic fundamentals of survey research are well known.  Draw a representative random sample.  Make sure that the source file includes all eligible members, and does not systematically exclude some populations.  With a large, representative, random...

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