CAHPS® and HOS Survey Programs

When it comes to a CAHPS® and HOS surveys, you need a trusted and reliable partner. That’s why DSS holds certifications or approvals, as required, for nine programs. As charter members with more than 20 years of experience in working with these programs, we proudly call the vast majority of the 5-Star Medicare Advantage plans our clients.

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Custom Research

Custom research is our heritage. These types of research solutions are where we started and where we continue to live and excel. From the design and execution of creative projects to meet your unique research objectives to a full range of data collection options, DSS offers the best analytics and analytical science teams to provide industry-leading insight and guidance.

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Strategy Research

Our strategy research solutions are an extension of our custom research program. These types of solutions deal with more strategic issues, such as market segmentation, product strategy, pricing strategy and branding. With more than 25 years of strategy research experience, DSS is the industry leader in developing the deep insights and predictive analytics needed to operationalize research results.

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Analytics and Tools

At DSS, we believe in using the most powerful tools available to discover the insights that clients need in order to make better decisions. With backgrounds in academia, the founders of DSS have taught courses and published research regarding just these kinds of problems in order to find the insights and develop the predictive models to apply them to client problems.

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