Involvement is below where it needs to be, but most people know they need to be doing something

One-third of consumers say they are actively involved in their health. At the other extreme, 5% don’t even think about doing anything to improve their health. Everyone else is at least contemplating doing something about their health. Those with the lowest income levels and older consumers are most likely to be doing nothing.

Stated level of involvement in personal health

Involvement is related to perceptions

Level of involvement or engagement in personal health impacts consumers’ perceptions of their own health status. Engaged consumers are much more positive regarding their self-reported health status compared to the Disengaged consumers:

Self-reported health status
By level of health care engagement

Perceptions are often based on reality

It is not surprising that personal involvement has a direct impact on the physical state of consumers, such as being overweight. The most Engaged consumers are much more likely to be at or near a normal weight level based on their Body Mass Index (BMI) while three-quarters of Disengaged consumers are classified as obese.

Body Mass Index
By level of health care engagement