When asked how they would most prefer to purchase health insurance in 2014, only 25% said they would prefer to purchase through a state or federally run marketplace (exchange).  Almost half the consumers said they would prefer contacting a health insurance company directly via telephone, a retail store or online.

Uninsured are less interested in exchanges

Only 25% of the uninsured prefer a government-run marketplace, compared to 31% of those with group-based coverage (when asked to consider what they would do if  their employer no longer offered coverage) and 21% of those with individual coverage.
Although never a majority, those most interested in health insurance marketplaces are:

  • Those with group coverage (31%)
  • Males (32%)
  • Those with a college degree (30%)
  • The most Disengaged consumers (31%)

A lack of federal subsidies does not deter everyone

Those who chose any option other than a government-run marketplace were asked if they were aware that federal subsidies are not available outside of exchanges.  Only 38% of those who prefer an option other than an exchange are aware that no subsidies are available outside exchanges.  However, after everyone was told that they would lose any eligible subsidies, 36% of them would still prefer to purchase health insurance somewhere other than through an exchange.