In addition to calculating the DSS Health Care Engagement Index (HCEI), in Q4 2011, we asked consumers to self-report their level of engagement in health care.  They have some sense of whether they are engaged or not engaged, but uncertainty is clearly present.
Less than one-third of the individuals who consider themselves to be “definitely engaged” in their health were classified by the HCEI as highly Engaged.   Almost half of these individuals who believe they are “definitely engaged” are classified as Involved and another 16% are classified as Reactive.
44% of consumers who said they are “not engaged” in their health when asked to respond directly to this question are also identified as Disengaged by the HCEI.  However, 39% of those who do not think they are engaged are classified as Reactive, or moderately engaged and 14% are classified one category higher as Involved consumers.
Likewise, 14% of consumers who think they are “somewhat engaged” in their health are classified by the HCEI as Disengaged and almost as many (13%) are classified as Engaged.
The table below shows a summary for this study.  All percentages are calculated down the columns.
Table showing HCEI versus self-reported level of engagement

Consumers are uncertain of their level of engagement