We asked US consumers “What is the strangest thing you have seen in a doctor’s office or hospital waiting room?” Besides the usual screaming kids, extremely sick patients, sometimes questionable decor and rude behaviors of patients and office staff, here are some of the most interesting comments we received:

  • A man who had his entire head wrapped in a bandage like Claude Rains in The Invisible Man.
  • A couple comes into the ER, asks the name of the doctor on duty, then appear disappointed and leave. An hour later, we saw that doctor and now understand why they left.
  • A woman dressed in a feather boa – who turned out to be a male cross-dresser who had fallen off the stage during a performance.
  • A fire drill goes off and watching all the people in wheelchairs struggle to get out of the hospital without using the elevators.
  • A woman holding two fibroids in a plastic cup.
  • Ash trays.
  • A man choking on a remote (We wish more details had been provided on this one)
  • A guy ran into the window outside because he thought it was the automatic door.
  • Anatomy charts of the female body in a men’s clinic.
  • A woman breast feeding a rabbit (Is that possible?)
  • A woman gave birth in the ER waiting room with no medical personnel helping her (Wonder if she was charged for labor and delivery).
  • A set of quadruplets all sick at the same time (Sympathy for those parents).


  • A woman with an unusual service animal – a small pony.
  • Dog – not a service animal and not sure it belonged to anyone there.
  • Chicken
  • Ferret
  • Goat
  • Parrot
  • Someone holding a fish tank

People behaving badly…

  • A woman cutting her toenails.
  • Couples getting amorous (numerous mentions)
  • A sleeping person who fell out of her chair and then had to be treated for a head wound.
  • People fighting (multiple mentions)
  • A man who literally undressed in the waiting room.
  • A drunk woman singing loudly (numerous mentions for drunk men and women, but not usually singing)
  • A Penthouse magazine sitting in my dentist’s waiting room.
  • A woman with the shortest shorts I have ever seen. Left nothing to the imagination. (Multiple mentions of inappropriate or odd attire)
  • People sharing way too many details about their bowel movements, symptoms, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical rep discussing his commissions on a cell phone call.

Unusual injuries…

  • A man carrying his severed arm after an industrial accident.
  • A knife stuck in a toe.
  • Kid with a Chinese throwing star stuck in his eye.
  • A man with a stick coming out of his head.
  • Can’t think of anything. However, the last time I went to an emergency room it was because my cockatoo bit me.
  • A man with a knife stuck in his neck.
  • A roach stuck in a woman’s ear.
  • A nail sticking out of a man’s hand.

An finally, a comment that sums up the frustration that many people feel when waiting in an emergency room:

  • A guy with a gunshot wound to the stomach sitting in the waiting room. He was still there three hours later when I left.