Account Executives

Your Account Executive is the quarterback for all your work and always available to you to address any issues that might arise.

Project Managers

Your Account Executive chooses a Project Manager from our highly-experienced project management bench that handles all day-to-day details of your project.

Data Services And Sampling

The Data Services team is responsible for processing any sample that you might send and any sample that we obtain from third parties to fulfill the requirements of your project.

Desktop Publishing

Our Desktop Publishing group prepares the graphics for all mail projects, including cover letters, questionnaires, and any other materials required.

Variable Data Printing

The Variable Data Print group is responsible for printing materials on our digital presses.

Outgoing Mail

Next, the materials go to Outgoing Mail where we have six machines to package materials for mailing.

Incoming Mail

Returned surveys come to our Incoming Mail group and they prepare those materials for our Data Capture group.

Data Capture

The data capture group utilizes the latest technology to pull all information off each returned survey.

Editing & Coding

If open-end questions are part of the mail survey, they are handled by our Editing and Coding group.

Telephone Survey Programming

This tight-knit group takes the survey instruments developed by our clients, Account Executives and Project Managers and programs them to run on our iCATI2 system for a maximized respondent and interviewer experience.

TeleSurvey Center

Our Telesurvey Center is made up of over 300 stations with trainers, supervisors and quality control teams. All interviews are recorded and interviewers are consistently graded and must maintain a minimum grade level.

Data Tabulation

Our Data Tabulation team is a very careful and conscientious team, responsible for tabulating all survey results and producing any necessary cross tabulations with the associated statistical testing of differences.

Reporting and Analytics

The buck stops with this team, who takes the survey results, analyzes them in relation to client objectives and finds the best ways to present results – relying heavily on graphics to communicate findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Analytical Science

These statisticians and mathematicians do the heavy lifting through the application of advanced and powerful analytical techniques and work hand-in-hand with the analytics team in providing guidance to clients.

Information Technology

This growing and increasingly important group provides overall direction for all of our IT activities, including infrastructure, program development and product support for all of our systems.


Our Security team applies all relevant security standards, maintains our SOC I & II and HITRUST certifications and responds to client inquiries regarding our security standards.

Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Trinity Habitat for Humanity

Last Friday, DSS Research participated in a Habitat for Humanity event located in Southwest Fort Worth.  It was a great opportunity to share fellowship, meet other volunteers from our community, and lend a helping hand to an incredible family. Compared to our last...

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The "Home" Setting Is Best

The "Home" Setting Is Best

Background DSS Research created a “home survey” to capture the level of satisfaction of consumers receiving dialysis treatments in a home setting. After several implementations of the home survey, comparisons were made between the home survey results and the more...

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A little stamp can make a difference

A little stamp can make a difference

Background The basic fundamentals of survey research are well known.  Draw a representative random sample.  Make sure that the source file includes all eligible members, and does not systematically exclude some populations.  With a large, representative, random...

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