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Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Broadens ICH-CAHPS® Survey and Reporting Requirements in 2014 - Facilities Must Choose an Approved Survey Vendor

Fort Worth, Texas - December 13, 2013 – Beginning in 2014 dialysis facilities will be required to partner with a CMS approved survey administrator, like DSS Research, to conduct the ICH CAHPS® Patient Experience of Care survey for the End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Quality Improvement Program (QIP). In addition to this survey administration update, CMS has included the Mail only survey methodology in the acceptable modes of data collection; expanding options for approved vendors and dialysis facilities. For CY2014 the survey is to be conducted once in the fall, going forward with CY2015 and beyond the survey will be semi-annual.

CMS recommends having an approved survey vendor in place no later than July 2014.

"Our continued participation in the ICH-CAHPS® program is a reflection of our commitment to assisting our clients in improving patient experience. We are excited about the program and will be working with ICH facilities to help them meet the requirements of the program and improve the services they provide to their patients. We've enhanced our analytical and reporting options giving our clients online access to their data and many reporting options to help provide quality improvement guidance," said Roger Gates, Ph.D., DSS Research president and CEO.